Chinese Cuisine

Surely no cuisine on earth could match the diversity of Chinese cuisine. With in its range, there will be somthing to satisfy any palate.

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Meet our chefs

Relax with a cocktail, enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner, and take advantage of the refreshing atmosphere at The Mount View Restaurants. Our expert chefs have created comprehensive and appetizing menus that are sure to satisfy any palate.

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Our secret of good taste!

Our secret of good taste lies largely in the freshness of the ingredients, and in their harmonious combination – a good Chinese chef knows this. A couple of well-chosen spices can do divine dance with crisp vegetables picked from the bough, cut artistically, and mixed with succulent cuts of meat.

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Welcome to Mount View Chinese Restaurant

The oldest restaurant in Manali, since 1970 serving you Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Italian, Continental & Indian delicacies that are sophisticated in presentation and playful in concept. An ideal location for birthdays, business meetings and celebrations, Mount View infuses Manali Nightlife with new energy and excitement with a nice place to hangout at the roof top garden.

The place where traditional Chinese is served with a global and modern twist. We combine the traditional and contemporary elements of Chinese food to deliver maximum dining satisfaction to all our customers.

Come, explore our extensive list of Noodles, Fine Wines, Italian Food, Trout Fish, Tibetan Cuisine and Mount View Special Continental as well.

If you have any question please ask a member of staff. They have been trained to guide and assist you throughout the ordering process. The diversity and vibrancy of Chinese cuisine is unmatchable. With in its wide range of dumplings, noodle and rice dishes, soups and much more, this interesting cuisine has everything to give you an exotic dining experience.

Roof Top Beer Garden

The Roof Top is perfect for holding meetings, conferences, product launches, team-building sessions or even wine tastings! You’ll have access to our Roof Top, where our friendly events team will help you plan the perfect day.

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